It's been tooooo long!

I have been sooooooooo busy lol ;) So yeah, I can;t even say more than that really!
In four weeks I go on holiday to Newcastle to see my BFF who I met online- on So those people who think online friendships don;t work, well, they do.
And I still have so much to do, to plan and to organise! I'm shopping like crazy right now!
Last week I had an impromptu Summer Ball invite and had to find a dress, shoes, accessories... lol
And I have written about a million fanfics lately, I have 2 more in development and then I expect a lull for about a three months again!
Well I hope everyone is well. Good luck to Abbie in her exams. Only 4 weeks now till the US get to see Charlie St Cloud...DON'T TELL ME ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGGG OKAYYYYYYYYY?!
I really hope I make the UK premiere again :D
Enjoy the sun people. I'm meltinggg :((
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Walking on...

Ok so I didn't update last weekend and I soooo should have ;) But yeah, I got busy. I went for a long walk and it almost killed me but I got some awesome photos :D
I havn't uploaded them here but they're on my facebook. As for this weekend, I just went on a stomp with my good friend Kirstie and had a wicked laugh! More training toward my long walk though. Only 2 more weeks now :O
I wrote this the other day tell me what you think:

An Ode to the Chilterns

'I missed you old friend
Your hills are like hugs
The sun smiles upon us
And the wind shakes our bones
Where have you been, where did you go?
I needed your green and light and glow

The leaves they do prickle
The grass does roll on
And the petals and colours
Dot here and fro
Why did you leave me, why did you go?
I missed all your beauty, your highs and your lows

We're back together
No harm and no fight
Your footpaths are memories
That guide me to right
Oh why did I leave you, why did I go?
I can never forget the comfort you grow.'

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To Infinity and Beyond...(or that's what it feels like!)

I have put on a bit of weight in the last 2 years. Okay, might seem pointless me saying that, but hang in there, there is a method to my madness...
I am doing a 10km Charity Walk in May (15th see my Charidee post for details!) and I thought this would be a great way to get me out walking again cos I love it so much and haven't been able to since November when I twisted my ankle.
The only problem is, I am picking up injuries. My knee was never the same since the 17 Again Premiere and my ankle is still not brilliant and now my hip hurts too. So although I do enjoy walking, sometimes it can be pretty lonely out there on my own when I'm flagging or in pain.
I would love to meet someone to share my hobby with- the sexier the better hahaha, but anyways I have been doing a mile a day to break me back in gently and today was my first 3 mile trip at my heavier weight (Its so much harder the heavier you are!)
Wow, it was amazing. My hayfever didn't kick in till I got back but my knee/hip did so I rested before the final mile home. But I have gotten excited about new routes to discover and planned them in each weekend leadning up to the walk (4 weekends, 5 weeks!)
I also have the week off before the week I walk so I can do some major 4 -6 mile trips and get some serious training in.
I have got to say the most embarrassing thing happened to me when I left my house. It's Sunday, it's 8am and I figure noobody is up so I am wearing my skankiest tracksuit stuff, no make up, greasy hair. OMG this total vision of a guy walks out of this driveway- all spikey black hair and utter gorgeousness and proceeds to follow me and my big ass as I style out my horrific sports wear (cringe!)

Not many people know about PCOS and there are certain ways I think of it. Sometimes I feel like I am on a slippery slope, trying not to fall back into depression. Sometimes I can accept my body is working against me in my quest to stay a healthy weight and I am doing all I can maintain that. Sometimes the fear/hurt and guilt swallow me up and I can't breathe for air.
But for now, I'm heavy and trying to change that. Again. I pray to god he can walk with me :)

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It's all for Charideee.........

Okay, so every year I pick one Charity Event to do.
I only did two so far, I did a Driving Challenge for the Firefighters Charity and drove a Fire Engine, Bus, Crane, Refuse cart and a HUGE army truck and raised £250.
Last year I did a walk for Diabetes UK (a really important charity) and met some great people on the route! I raised £125 for that one.

This year, I wanted to do something related to Zac. He's kind of inspired me to do alot in my life and it seemed right to give something back, and I had a wacky idea but I don't have the time or means to carry it out, so I saw this and thought this would be a fab alternative!

Make a Wish is something I have always known about, and been in awe of for the special things they do for children and seeing Zac being able to meet these sick kids and how much it means to them, makes me want to help out, too.

Having got to meet him earlier this year, I realise how precious that experience is so I would like to help give those experiences to others.

Here is the Make a Wish UK site, they list all the planned events for this year so far:

There is an organised sponsored walk being organised on May 15th 2010, in the South of the UK, but please check out the site above for other areas. I am walking 10km to raise money for the charity!

Here is my JustGiving page:
Please donate

Thanks for reading!

Ang xx

I have ordered my t-shirt!! This is what it will look like!

Back from the 'dead'

So it's been an age. I was laid up with flu for ten days straight and I have to go to work tomorrow and face HR.
Flu would be okay if I didn't have other medical problems that cause me to have a high absence rate...I just hope I don't get a disciplinary :(
But anyway besides I am feeling alot better and I am keen to keep moving on the writing so I don't lose courage.
I never thought how hard it would be to open myself up like this and risk a meltdown lol. ;) It's time though. What is there to lose?
I also need to find a car which is more stressful than it sounds...I don't know where to start, really :/
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Back to 'Normaldom'

Ok so work was, you guessed it, boringg!

But having been to get treatment for my awful RSI, I know I need to change my job, soon. But first I need to change where I am living, so I can get a job wherever I move to...
Life seems like it's going to have some challenges this year and I don't feel very brave right now, but I am sure it will come.
Do you ever get those times where you can;t face people? You don't want to go out, socialise or anything? Or is that just me lol ;)

It's New Years Eve this week and I have never felt so unsociable! I would love to go for a meal, chat with friends, watch a movie and go home. But I am committed to going to a party, which (don't tell me) I will probably love BUT....
I need some enthusiasm!!
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Do something nice...

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to meet one of my idols, Zac Efron. I have an account of it here:

During the time I went to meet him, I had a secret plan to get an autograph for a close friend of mine who wanted to go to the MAOW premiere but couldnt make it, so I managed to get the autograph, with her name on, from Zac and she has posted about receiving the special gift for Christmas here:

She has ME and I can guess how hard it is to live with this illness, so I wanted to do something to make her smile.

I just wanted to encourage anyone to do aomething nice, it really is the most wonderful feeling when someone receives something that means so much, whether it be a physical object or help, an ear to listen.

Ok, I'm getting cheesy :D Just try it ;)
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Last day

Oh the joyful thought of going back to work tomorrow!
Positive Mental Attitude and all that, really must start making a true effort to change my job next year. I am also keen to get something published that I have written. There's a big fear involved when you bare yourself through writing and it's difficult to get the right constructive criticism without destroying hope.
I am hoping for something. I have a writing course, just a short one in March that I am assuming will teach me a few tricks I don't already know. The rest is fear and blind panic!
What if I am really not good enough? I'm not sure how I would take the blow. I guess I would just pick myself up and keep trying. At least I hope I would. But I need to find out if I can do this. I need to prove I can :)
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Starting Out

So here it is, my Live Journal Account. I mostly joined so I could comment on other posts and enter polls but now I am thinking I could use this as my sounding post.
Needless to say, I have nothing much to comment on at the moment, Christmas is over and things are quiet, but the New Year always brings hope.
Must get breakfast, stomach is making weird noises.
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